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CuteFTP 9 Pro for Windows.

CuteFTP Pro, by default, is configured to allow for segmented downloads. Here is how you can optimize CuteFTP to get better speeds.

1. Assuming you've already created a profile for your FTP server/connection in CuteFTP, right-click on the profile and select Properties.

Step 1

2. Click on the Options tab, and select Use site specific option. Next, change Site max concurrent transfers to a value of 8.

Step 2

3. In the main CuteFTP window, go into Tools > Global Options and click on the Connection tab.
Change the default values of Global max concurrent transfers and Per site max concurrent transfersto a higher value, such as 50 & 20, as shown below.

Step 3

4. While still in Global Options, click the Transfer tab. Change the value for the number of threads to 8, as shown below. Click OK to save the new settings.

Step 4

5. Connect to your server. Once connected, right-click a file or folder you wish to download and select Download Advanced > Multi-part download > MAX (8 parts)

Step 5

In the Queue Window at the bottom, click the + to expand the download. You should notice there are 8 separate parts downloading simultaneously.
Once all parts are complete, the temporary files will automatically be deleted, leaving you with the complete file.

Step 6

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